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DM Decos by Design, Inc.

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Stone Products

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  • Glass Mosaic Murals

  • Semi-Precious Jasper Slab, Tile, Basins, and Decor

  • Semi-Precious Jade Slabs, Tile, Basins, and Decor

  • Porcelain Mosaic Tile

  • Ultra-Thin Cut Slate on Fiberglass, Backlightable, Flexibile, or Paper Backing

  • Semi-Precious Stone Slabs, Tile, Basins, and Decor Browns

  • Glass Pool Murals,Swimming Pool Coping Mosaic

  • Hand-Painted Porcelain Murals for Pool, Shower, and Anywhere

  • Dichroic Glass Mosaic Tile

  • Semi-Precious Stone Slabs, Tile, Basins, and Decor Yellows and Golds

  • Glass Floor Tile Micro-Crystal and Full-Body Nano Crystallized Tile

  • Semi-Precious Electric Blue and Peacock Blue Labradorite Slabs, Tiles, Basins, and Decor

  • Coquina Shellstone Chair Rail Molding, White Limestone

  • Rustic Mixed Travertine Ashlar Pattern, Durango Sonora Travertine Slabs

  • Coquina Shellstone Fireplace, White Limestone Traditional Style Fireplace

  • Ticul Gold Rustic Tile, Limestone

  • Ticul Naranja, Mexico Red Limestone Slabs & Tiles

  • Coquina Shellstone Coping, White Limestone Pool Coping

  • Anamosa Limestone Fleri Patio Tiles, United States Grey Limestone

  • Ticul Dorada, Ticul Gold Limestone Slabs

  • Marbella Shellstone Honed Pool Coping, Beige Limestone

  • Ultra-Thin Real Slate Veneer Tile 24" X 48", Ultra-Thin Slate Fiberglass Back Thin Stone Veneer

  • Polished Jade Glass, Glass2, Crystalized Glass, Bioglass, Translucent Glass, 3d Jade Effect

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